Jacquelyn G. Kleine is an electric flute performer and composer of sublime quality, her ethereal compositions have truly moved me...” - Steve Sheppard Music Reviews

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   MARCH 1, 2024            NEW RELEASE!           Ambient Electronic ~ Soundscape     


Jacquelyn G. Kleine I Sonic Light

JACQUELYN G. KLEINE, a classically trained Flutist, published Composer & Recording Artist, aligns her creative passion and artistry with her global mission to raise conscious awareness and instill heart coherence. 

Generally categorized under the NEW AGE genre, her Ambient Electronic music has a unique style that flows throughout her NeoSymphonic, Soundscape, Space & Meditation discography. 

The Electric Flutist's albums & singles are regularly featured on global and local radio stations.                     SONIC LIGHT is her independent recording label.